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Summer Beach YoToGo

June 27, 2017

Beach. Pool. Picnics. Parties…what do they have in common?
Food. Drinks. Ice Cream. More Food. More Drinks. More Ice Cream.

All. Summer. Long.

Whether on a vacation or at home, it can be hard to eat healthy during the summer.  It’s tempting to throw a bag of chips or cookies in your beach bag or tote.  Before you know it…you’ve eaten the entire bag and are feeling bloated and yucky! 

Keep your cool and pack a Greek yogurt in your bag. YoToGo is insulated and spill proof. An ice pack and spoon are included so you’ll have everything you need when hunger strikes! Feel good about snacking and save your calories for dinner!
Did you know we offer replacement ice packs?  On a super-hot day, you can use two ice packs. (one on the bottom of the YoToGo and one on the top!) Our new carabiner enables you to attach the YoToGo to a bag, backpack, bike or belt.

A high protein yogurt is always within reach!

All. Summer. Long.

Introducing the YoToGo 3-Inch Carabiner
May 15th, 2017

One of the biggest dieting/lifestyle challenges is eating healthy away from home.It can be time consuming and cumbersome to pack healthy snacks. Somehow, the drive thru seems so much easier. Noshing on that bagel or donut leaves you full and soon after eating, tired and cranky.

YoToGo can help you stay on track. Greek yogurt is now portable. Yep, you can take it with you. AND it takes no time at all to assemble. Ice pack, yogurt, zip and done. Our insulated neoprene cooler will help keep your yogurt cool for up to three hours. It fits perfectly in any purse, briefcase, tote or lunchbox. The collapsible cooler can even fit in your pocket.

We are happy to introduce the YoToGo 3-inch Carabiner! Portability is even easier! Clip YoToGo on your bike, stroller, bag or briefcase. The possibilities are endless and a healthy snack is at your fingertips!

Our black carabiner is the ideal YoToGo accessory. Whenever you need to have a healthy snack handy…(which is pretty much all the time…at least for us) clip on your YoToGo and get going!

The Challenge of Portability-Taking Healthy Food On-the-Go
April 25th, 2017

Life is sooo busy. Everyone is always rushing and when hunger sets in, we often reach for whatever is closest and fastest. Coffee shops and fast food restaurants are on every corner. The snack choices from these establishments are often loaded with fat and calories. Even if a piece of fruit is an option, the brownie seems to call your name. Sugar high, sugar low, diet disaster!

The inspiration for YoToGo came from the desire to take a Greek yogurt and have it handy when I needed a snack during the day. The problem was keeping it cool and spill-proof. AND I wanted to put it in my purse. All I could find in the stores were bulky, plastic containers that took up a lot of space. Friends I spoke with were searching for lunchbox solutions for their children. Even with an ice pack in a lunch box, yogurt was warm by lunchtime. The ice pack needed to be against the yogurt, not moving around in a lunchbox.

Voila! The idea for YoToGo was born.

The first prototype was made from felt and eventually fashioned into neoprene. This insulated fabric keeps food cool for up to 3 hours….just about the time I get hungry between meals. Now I take a yogurt wherever I go. Fits perfectly in my purse, briefcase or gym bag. The best part? Eating healthy on-the-go and avoiding sugary snacks.

And for the kiddos…a great way to keep their yogurt cool until lunchtime! Also perfect for their sports bag when they need a snack before practice. A high protein snack like Greek yogurt will fuel them for their workout. Sure beats a bag of chips!

YoToGo goes beyond transporting yogurt. Our fans are using them for hummus cups, fruit, applesauce and salad dressings too. The possibilities are endless!
YoToGo comes in three fun colors with a mini ice pack and spoon. It’s collapsible and won’t take up space in your bag. It can even fit in your pocket!
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YoToGo can be found online and in grocery stores
Substitute Greek Yogurt into Everyday Recipes
February 15, 2017

I am a yogurt substitution convert! Yogurt is a much healthier alternative to butter, cream and oil and my family can’t tell the difference.Using yogurt as a substitution when cooking or baking is a great way to cut fat and calories while boosting protein and calcium in your foods. When you cook with yogurt, be sure to use the plain kind.  Greek yogurt tends to be on the tangier side, so it works well in salad dressings, dips and marinades. Plain yogurt (low fat, non-fat) works really well as a substitute in baking. Different yogurts have different tastes so it’s best to try different varieties to get the result you want. The Chobani chart below will give you some guidelines.

Chobani Greek Yogurt Conversion Chart

Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt
January 30, 2017

Everyone is jumping on the “superfood” Greek yogurt bandwagon.
Does that mean you should too? ….Absolutely!
In 2007, Greek yogurt accounted for 1% of the overall yogurt market. Today, it is over 50% of yogurt sales. There are many great brands, flavors and product innovations lining the grocery store shelves.  It can be confusing and overwhelming. Which brand should you choose?  Read the labels and look for Greek yogurt with high protein and low sugar. Besides great taste and portability, there are many other reasons to incorporate Greek yogurt into your diet.
  1. High protein. An individual serving is anywhere from 10-20 grams of protein per cup.
  2. Packed with probiotics. Probiotics are great for the digestive system and help keep you regular.
  3. Full of B12. A vitamin necessary for energy and healthy brain function.
  4. Low in sodium. Most people have WAY too much salt in their diets.
  5. Loaded with iodine. Iodine is important for proper thyroid function.
  6. High calcium.  Calcium can help partially limit fat production in your body.
  7. Healthy alternative.  Substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream and mayonnaise in recipes. You’ll never know the difference.
  8. Workout recovery.  Rich in amino acids it’s a great high protein post workout snack.
Enjoy the health benefits of Greek yogurt wherever you go. 
Take your yogurt with you in an insulated YoToGo. Shop now!

No More Warm or Spilled Yogurt!
January 16, 2017

I like to eat every few hours to keep my energy up so… I always pack a snack when I leave the house. Always. On the very rare time I forget one, I usually pay for it in shakes, sweats and crabbiness. My favorite go-to snack is Greek yogurt. Why? Well, it’s cool, creamy and high protein. (Usually 10-20 grams) and downright satisfying and delicious.

The problem? How do I keep my yogurt from spilling in my purse? How do I keep it cool? How do I accomplish this without a bulky, plastic container?

YoToGo was born out of my need to eat healthy on-the-go. Specifically….Yo(gurt) On the Go.

YoToGo is a portable, neoprene container/cooler for individual Greek yogurt cups. Complete with an ice pack and spoon.

Perfect for the on-the-go person. Take yogurt in your purse, briefcase, sports bag, backpack, or any bag you carry. Lightweight, collapsible and BPA free!
And…. (drum roll please)….NO MORE WARM OR SPILLED YOGURT! Genius!
Available in pink, blue, and black. Dishwasher safe!

Eating healthy on-the-go will keep you focused and energized during the day! Through our blog, we hope to offer healthy recipes, fitness tips, weight loss suggestions, and other important ramblings!

Stay tuned!